Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Disc Golf & A Sad Story

1) Disc golf would be a wonderful addition to the recreational venues on the Parkway, especially in the lower third area where it is crucial to encourage legitimate usage to reduce the current proliferation of illegitimate usage such as the homeless camps which are connected to crime, pollution, habitat destruction, and the inability of the adjacent community to safely recreate in their area of the Parkway.

An excerpt from the article about a disc golf event in Rocklin.

“High winds couldn't keep disc golf enthusiasts away from this weekend's Northern California Series Disc Golf Championships tournament at Johnson-Springview Park in Rocklin.

“Fashioned after the traditional game of golf, disc golf requires players to use flying discs instead of balls and clubs and throw them at a target above the ground.”

2) A very sad story from the Sacramento News & Review about a homeless couple that just came to town; and tragically, a profile congruent with too many of the chronic homeless illegally camping in the Parkway.

An excerpt.

“That’s why I started doing heroin. Because I felt like I was working so hard to change the world and nothing was happening,” he says.

“Meet John, 19. He’s covered in dirt, grime and grease, not-so-fresh-off-the-train after freight-hopping from Oregon. His dark-olive overalls look like MC Hammer pants on his toothpick frame; he can’t weigh more than 125 pounds.

“We left town because we were doing too much heroin. It was stupid up in Portland,” she says.

“Meet Audrey, 20. She’s got a cutting smile, sweet freckles, dreadlocks, a pierced nostril and thin-rimmed glasses that her face has outgrown. She pats her 2-year-old dog, Maxwell, who sports a hood ornament around his neck.

“The couple has been in Sacramento for a few days, resting this early Thursday evening in front of a Subway on J Street downtown, about a block from where a panhandler shot a man last month. Cloudy skies threaten: There will be rain. But no worries: A guy kicked down some methadone, so John and Audrey are happy. And talkative.”