Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Parkway & Public Safety

As this story from the Sacramento Press notes, the lack of adequate law enforcement within and adjacent to the Parkway, especially during the evening, is causing problems to adjacent neighborhoods.

This has been a long term problem and will only be resolved—in our view—when the Parkway has adequate funding to ensure a 24 hour access to Parkway Rangers, and the idea we have put forth to address this is explained on our website.

An excerpt from the Sacramento Press article:

“The American River is surely one of Sacramento’s most precious resources and access to the river beaches and trails is under attack. The River Park Neighborhood Association is trying to slip through a proposal to construct a fence along the levee at Glenn Hall Park, designed to shut off access to the river from dusk to sunrise.

“The plan to construct a tubular steel fence with an “exit only” turnstile (similar to the one at the Sacramento Zoo) is part of a proposal to spend money set aside for capital improvements for the River Park, East Sacramento, and Campus Commons neighborhoods.

“Opponents call the fence proposal an extreme, over-reaction to problems that occurred during the summer months, such as noise, drinking, littering, and unsafe driving on Carlson Drive. In the warm weather, Paradise Beach becomes a popular spot for sun bathers, swimmers and partiers.

“The River Park Review printed some letters from River Park residents. Here are some quotes that exemplify some of the concerns:

“For years the Paradise Beach area has been a trouble spot for River Park. The activities at the beach have caused an increase in crime, vandalism and drunk driving in our neighborhood … By building a fence across the entire levee there is the opportunity to curb reckless behavior”

“For those that don’t live in close proximity to the park, you may not have experienced people driving across your lawn, urinating in your front yard, gunshots outside your window, or a gang fight across the street, but these activities are par for the course in Glenn Hall Park. These issues are directly related to the lack of lighting and security in the park.”

“Opponents charge that the “crime problems” have been greatly exaggerated and that the proposed fence will not do little to address the few problems that do exist.”