Thursday, January 28, 2010

Measure A Funds Helping Parkway

The funds from Measure A, which created a ½ % sales tax increase for 20 years in 1989 and was renewed in 2004 for 30 years, will result in some improvements to the Parkway, which can be found—items and schedule—at the County Parks website.

Unfortunately, due to the dire funding situation the County is facing, the extra money might result in shortages in funding requests rather than actual additional funds.

An excerpt.

“As part of an overall strategy to generate additional, long-term and stable funding sources for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the American River Parkway Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, the Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks was selected to receive $1 million each year for the next 30 years from the Sacramento Transportation Authority in 2009 through Measure A funds.

“Measure A funds are restricted for use on commuter projects such as repairs and capital improvements to the bike trail, increased maintenance and additional ranger patrols. Because construction for improvements may result in temporary detours along the trail, this website will offer trail users access to current information about possible disruptions.

“Every year in June, Regional Parks will release a list of improvements planned for the trail. This website will offer up-to-date information on the annual project descriptions, dates for construction and any necessary detours.”