Monday, May 03, 2010

Public Leadership is Hard

In between the lines of this editorial from the Sacramento Bee supporting one candidate for the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, the extremely difficult work of that body, and the various city councils in our regions, is revealed.

Leadership in any venue is difficult, and in the public sector—given the requirements of relative transparency and regular elections—the stress levels can become very high; and in that context we can often forget the personal price people sometimes pay to lead and shape public policy, and remember their sacrifice and hard work as we struggle with our own difficult economic times.

An excerpt from the Sacramento Bee Editorial.

“The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors badly needs a reboot.

“Failing at one of their core duties, supervisors allowed the budget crisis to fester, and now they face no-win choices of what services to cut. But their challenges go much deeper, and require them to be open to new strategies and to more assertively chart the county's path.

“On June 8, three of the five board seats are on the ballot. Because the election will likely produce only one new supervisor, that choice becomes even more crucial.”