Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ARNHA Chosen for Effie Yeaw Management

The American River Natural History Association (ARNHA)—an organization for which I served as a board member and board president some years ago—has been chosen by the County Board of Supervisors to be the nonprofit organization to assume control of the Effie Yeaw Nature Center.

ARNHA is certainly the logical choice, with their long history helping the Nature Center.

We wish them the very best and will help in their efforts however we can.

An excerpt from their website on the news.

“It's official—the American River Natural History Association has been selected to work with the county to operate the Effie Yeaw Nature Center, effective July 4, thereby forestalling threatened closure of the 33-year-old award-winning county facility.

“Jill Ritzman, deputy director of the county Regional Parks Department, said two agreements cover the transition: "one is a permit to allow ARNHA to come in and care for the animals and buildings, and provide for a presence in the Nature Center while negotiations between ARNHA and the County go forward for a long-term agreement."

“Nature center staff will be laid off effective July 3, Ritzman said. However, Greg Voelm, ARNHA past president who is heading ARNHA's takeover bid, said "ARNHA is working to continue as many staff positions as possible beginning July 4."

“The long-term negotiations will proceed concurrently with the initial agreement, and likely will be completed in up to 30 days, Ritzman said. The first phase requires only parks department action, while the long-term plan would need to be approved by the Board of Supervisors. Asked if there will be any county funding in a takeover transition, she said she didn't know of any, other than "a little bit" for utilities and garbage collection. "But you never know what the board is going to do next week," she added.”