Saturday, February 19, 2011

Abiding by Laws

Sacramento is being asked, in this article in the Sacramento Bee—keeping in mind that one of the prerequisites of asking for help from a community is an acceptance to abide by community laws—to create a system of homeless housing on donated land, but they are violating the law by illegally camping in the Parkway, thereby invalidating their commitment to community standards of lawful behavior.

An excerpt.

“Over the last two years, since the Safe Ground Sacramento movement emerged out of the rubble of Sacramento's infamous tent city, much has been written about Safe Ground. Most of it suffers from the stereotypic misperceptions that all homeless persons are pathological, have little value as human beings and a prevalent misunderstanding of the Safe Ground objectives.

“Safe Ground is about people seeking to help themselves while trying to survive without many of the benefits of society and about providing Sacramento with a model solution that can be cost effectively repeated elsewhere. Safe Ground is not about living in tents on the American River Parkway. We are there only until we have other options.”