Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sheriff Shoots Illegal Camper’s Charging Pit Bull

In this incident near the Parkway, as reported in the Sacramento Bee, we are reminded, its not safe out there.

An excerpt.

“A Sacramento County Sheriff's deputy shot a pit bull that was charging at him this morning near a north Sacramento homeless camp, according to a sheriff's department release. The dog is expected to survive.

“The incident occurred at about 10:15 a.m., outside a homeless camp near the Camp Pollock area at Del Paso Boulevard and Northgate Boulevard, the department reported.

“The deputy, a five-year veteran of the department assigned to the Sheriff's Work Project detail, was supervising a group of inmates who were cleaning up homeless and transient camps in the area, according to the release. The deputy was preparing to check a camp for the presence of illegal campers prior to bringing inmates into the area, when he was confronted by the pit bull.

“As the deputy approached the camp, the dog charged at him from inside a tent, the release states. Fearing imminent danger from the charging dog, the deputy drew and fired his service weapon, striking the dog in the body.”