Wednesday, August 03, 2011

High Speed Rail

California is perhaps the ideal state to have this wonderful method of transportation and I couldn’t agree more with this supporting editorial from the Sacramento Business Journal.

An excerpt.

“The issue: Criticism continues to mount for California’s high-speed rail plan

“Our position: Stop trying to kill it; instead, focus on how to make this vital piece of our future work

“Everybody’s a critic when the subject is California’s high-speed rail plan. The chorus of naysayers has grown in recent months, even as the project gains momentum on other fronts.

“There’s certainly much to criticize: The state agency charged with building the $43 billion system has failed to persuade anyone that its ridership projections are reasonable. Its record on spending and oversight raises legitimate concerns. And while billions of dollars are committed, no one knows where the rest of the money will come from.

“But we need to stop trying to kill this project and focus on making it better. As big as the price tag may be, the potential benefits are even bigger.”