Saturday, August 20, 2005

Indian Heritage Center Parkway Site Chosen

I recently attended a presentation on the Indian Heritage Center site being chosen for the Parkway, and while many issues remain to be worked out, it is a great decision for the Parkway and the Heritage Center.

The Sacramento Bee wrote about it last month...

Indian center site is chosen

State task force votes to build heritage project on parkway; many hurdles lie ahead.
By Doug Rutsch -- Bee Staff Writer - (Published July 27, 2005)

In a 7-1 vote Tuesday, a state task force gave the go-ahead to building a California Indian Heritage Center on 201 acres along the American River Parkway near Northgate Boulevard.
Cindy La Marr, chairwoman of the California Indian Heritage Center Task Force and lone dissenter, resigned after the vote. She had favored an alternate location in Folsom near Lake Natoma, and warned that various environmental and social issues associated with the parkway site would tie up the project indefinitely.
Plans for the center are intended to attract American Indian groups as well as visitors interested California Indian history. The proposed heritage center would have areas for tribal gatherings, a museum, a theater and gardens of native plants.

[here is a link to the rest of the story, might require registration]