Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sacramento Bee Series: River Stories

The Sacramento Bee is publishing a very nice series of river stories, and here is the most recent:

River stories: Ever-changing view refreshes artist-teacher
By Gina Kim -- Bee Staff Writer; Published August 19, 2005
Story appeared in Scene section, Page J1

The Sacramento and American rivers are synonymous with River City. Every Friday this summer, we introduce you to someone who lives, works or plays along our rivers.

It's the water that brings artist Susan Sarback back to the American River over and over again. And the challenge of depicting its fluid motion on canvas.

"It is my favorite thing to paint, to paint water," said Sarback, 50. "You're trying to capture its distance, reflection, surface and depth."

Sarback, an oil painter who specializes in light and color, usually can be found basking in the morning light with her easel along the American River around Fair Oaks three days a week.

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