Monday, December 18, 2006

Public Service Academy

As our government becomes ever more complicated, and the strong role of the other public sector organizations—nonprofits—becomes more pronounced, the need for a national academy of public service education has become more evident.

Like the military, public service is vital to our country and encouraging specific academies to address it makes as much sense now as establishing the military academies was in the past.

The website has more information about this important public venture and you can also contact Chris Myers Asch at for more information.

CSUS New Program

A new—unique in the nation—program, Collaborative Governance Program, developed with the Center for Collaborative Policy and connected to CSUS’s Department of Public Policy and Administration’s master’s degree program, has awarded its first certificates to graduate students, reported by Ted DeAdwyler, news writer in the Sacramento State Public Affairs Office in the November issue of PA Times, the newspaper of the American Society for Public Administration.