Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Park Smoking Ban Announcement

Interesting contrast between this ban (which we support) to the alcohol ban on the Parkway during holidays (which we don’t) as the smoking ban addresses the ill-affects of any use because of second-hand smoke, to those close by, while the alcohol ban addresses the abuse of some (but punishes all) users to those close by.

This is a big difference calling for a different response which we trust public leadership will eventually take into account.

City to ban smoking in 211 parks
Published 12:00 am PDT Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In 30 days, smoking will be prohibited in the city's 211 parks.

The City Council in May gave preliminary approval for the ban. On Tuesday, the council unanimously voted to make it official.

Some caveats are included. A six-month pilot program was approved to put designated smoking areas in three larger parks: Southside, Curtis and North Laguna parks, said city spokeswoman Jessica Hess.

Also, the smoking ban does not apply to adjoining sidewalks or golf courses.

-- Terri Hardy