Friday, August 29, 2008

One Parkway Portal

One great benefit of having a single parkway management entity is that you also then get a single portal for information about what is going on in the Parkway, as shown by the Golden Gate National Park Conservancy’s regular newsletters for what is going on there.

The solution we have proposed for stabilizing funding for the American River Parkway is to establish a nonprofit organization to contract with a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) of local government entities, to manage the Parkway and provide a supplemental fund raising capability through philanthropy, which you can read more about on our website’s news page in our press release from January 18, 2008.

As it is now for Parkway info access, there are several portals for information about Parkway events, increasing the difficulty of the public to ascertain what is going on, where, and when.

Here are some of the several portals.

Sacramento County Parks

American River Parkway Foundation

American River Natural History Association

Save the American River Association

Effie Yeaw Nature Center