Monday, December 08, 2008

Parkway Trail is Crowded

We advocated for a new trail to be built—safely accommodating walkers, bikers and equestrians—in our 2008 report, page 15, and a link to a great model drawing of it can be found here.

This article in the Bee, and the comments about it, reveal how much a better trail system is needed.

An excerpt.

“Since I moved to the Sacramento area approximately one year ago, I have fully embraced its diversity and abundance of recreational activities. I've been particularly impressed with the American River Parkway bike trail – a luxury for avid bikers such as myself.

“I've lived in five different states and visited countless more, all of which had some version of a public-use trail. Being a biker, hiker, runner and all-around frequent user of such trails, I have come to appreciate certain global rules of the trail.

“Bikers yield to walkers and runners, who in turn yield to equestrians; downhill yields to uphill; you announce when you pass; and – here is my sticking point – you travel on the right side of the trail.

“We all know that there are always one or two mutineers who believe the rules don't apply to them. Sort of like the guy who thinks dog poop is an organic product that need not be cleaned from the side of a trail – or even from on the trail. There are also the idiots who ride helmetless, because helmets give you that uncool, safe look and because they never wore one when they were 12. But that's a personal choice and so not my concern.”