Saturday, January 10, 2009

Zero Tolerance on Panhandling

This move by Dallas (after the jump read the comments, which are excellent and similar to what we find here) to control the panhandling and hassling of the public in the downtown area is commendable and one hopes it has the desired results.

One also hopes that someday our downtown considers implementing a similar policy, which extends to public intoxication and sleeping in public.

An excerpt.

“Dallas police, aided by a private force of security officers employed by business advocacy group DowntownDallas, will today begin enforcing a "zero tolerance" policy that applies to panhandling, as well as other minor offenses such as public intoxication and sleeping in public.

"It is critical that the private and public sectors work together to continue these types of public safety efforts which continue to improve our community," DowntownDallas President and Chief Executive Officer John Crawford wrote in an e-mail last night.

“The policy takes effect just as 24 additional police officers begin patrolling the downtown area, which in recent years has added several thousand new full-time residents primarily living in formerly vacant office towers converted into apartments and condominiums.”