Friday, April 03, 2009

Nonprofit Transparency

The new report by Guidestar, is a welcome addition to the ongoing conversation among nonprofits about the importance of providing as much information as possible about their organizations to the public.

In today’s world, that means on an organization’s website, and ARPPS, through its annual organizational reports posted to our website, shares with the public virtually all of the information needed that Guidestar considers crucial to maintain transparency.

An excerpt from the Guidestar release.

"The State of Nonprofit Transparency, 2008

"Do you know how often nonprofits describe their programs and accomplishments on their Web sites? Do you know how often they post their annual reports? GuideStar's new report has the answers.

"The State of Nonprofit Transparency, 2008: Voluntary Disclosure Practices" is the first-ever systematic review of the information nonprofits make available to the public on the Internet.

"The report analyzes the on-line disclosure practices of more than 1,800 nonprofits and gives GuideStar's recommendations for taking nonprofit transparency to the next level."