Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lunch in the Parkway

A story in the Sacramento Bee about folks working close to the Parkway getting over there for lunchtime workouts is something we hope to someday see all along the Parkway.

As it now stands in the lower third of the Parkway—from Discovery Park to Cal Expo—it is not safe to venture into, during lunch or any other time, due to the large-scale illegal camping by the homeless, which now includes about 20 registered sex offenders, as we posted on earlier.

But for those folks out near the other end, it is relatively safe, and it is good they are enjoying our premier recreational area.

An excerpt from the Bee story.

“All along the recreational trail, from Sacramento to Folsom, you'll hear a similar refrain right around lunchtime. Employees who work nearby seeking a temporary respite from rigors of the workplace.

“Wait a minute. Aren't workers in these straitened economic times supposed to gulp down a PB&J at their desks, wash it down with a cup of coffee and press their noses back to the grindstone?

“People who work near the American River Parkway, Lake Natoma Recreation Area, nearby bike trails and the waterways running through and near them defy that stereotype.”