Monday, October 19, 2009

Sacramento, Our Home

In this article from a Midwesterner now in Sacramento, the realities that many area natives eventually come to realize about their home are lovingly described.

I was born in Sacramento and, like many others, moved away to look at other areas of the country—Seattle, Madison Wisconsin, & Santa Cruz in my case—assuming anywhere was better than hot, dry Sacramento.

Many of us have returned and discovered the ambience and amenities that make Sacramento (in terms of quality of life) the world-class-city my cousin once envisioned enhancing when he led the group that brought the Sacramento Kings to town.

This Sacramento Bee article captures our fair city in many of its most pleasant aspects.

An excerpt.

“I've started to think of this town with a silent last vowel, as Sacrament(o), a sacred place I call home.

“Here's a short list of reasons why I have ended up loving this place: trees, trains, rivers and gold – or at least the search for it.

“And let's not forget the oftmentioned Delta breeze.

“All are truly sacraments, gifts to this geography that make it indeed special.

“Trees: Our shade, our nourisher

“First, there is the sacrament of the trees.

“I remember how proud Sacramentans were to tell us their city had as many trees as Paris. (Paris!) Then came the murky qualification: Per square foot. Maybe per capita. Per mile? That part was harder to remember.

“But we all know the trees here are special. Just look around: the sycamores, oaks, redwoods, magnolias, cypress, crepe myrtles, English elms, and on and on. Trees bless this city with its natural canopy, providing an organic sunscreen on hot summer days.”