Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Suburban Growth

The suburbs are where people want to live—as we have posted on many times previously, here for one—and the suburbs of Sacramento are some of the most beautiful in the country, with a great climate, two magnificent rivers, mountains and ocean close by, and an easy, stable lifestyle; so any expansion of the suburbs is a very good thing.

Sacramento County is considering suburban expansion, as reported by the Sacramento Bee.

An excerpt.

“Despite a home construction collapse caused by the recession, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors is considering opening 20,000 acres of land to future development.

“When combined with existing open parcels, the expansion could hold a city two-thirds the size of Sacramento. Even county planners have warned that the plan would provide a "substantial excess supply" of land.

“Supporters say supervisors are being sage, freeing space for the region and its economy to grow. Detractors say they are abdicating their primary responsibility: to engineer transit-friendly "smart growth" over sprawl.

“They also point out that the move could hand a hefty profit to landowners, many of whom have contributed generously to supervisors' campaigns.

"It's going to enrich a handful of people ridiculously, filthily, to the detriment of thousands," charged David Mogavero, a local architect and spokesman for the Environmental Council of Sacramento, a coalition of environmental and civic groups.

“Three landowners – Teichert Land Co.; Angelo G. Tsakopoulos; and Conwy LLC, run by Charles Somers and Ron Alvarado – own about 40 percent of the two proposed growth areas.

“After years in the works, the general plan update to guide county growth through 2030 appears to be just months from a vote. Approval by county supervisors would open 8,000 acres of land east of Grant Line Road and 12,000 acres along Jackson Road to development.”