Sunday, October 03, 2010

Annual Report Posted

Our Annual Organizational Report has been posted.

Here is the summary:

Executive Summary

Our work over the past year has accomplished two things: 1) Increased the focus on public safety in the Parkway by placing attention on the illegal camping of registered sex offenders in the Parkway, resulting in their removal; (p. 37) and 2) continued the focus on a new governance and funding model for the Parkway resulting in further concrete work towards that eventuality, (p. 31)

We continue to keep attention on the formation of a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) for governance and the JPA’s formation of a nonprofit organization for daily management and supplemental philanthropic fundraising for the Parkway—the model we use, the Central Park Conservancy, raises 85% of funding—and we will continue that focus also.

Our public educational work continues primarily through the written word, and public meetings when available. ARPPS President Michael Rushford and Senior Policy Director, David H. Lukenbill were able to speak at the April 7, 2010 Woodlake Neighborhood Association meeting, the neighborhood most impacted by illegal camping.

The Senior Policy Director, David H. Lukenbill was interviewed by Laura Brown of for an article about the American River Parkway on January 11, 2010.

Inside Arden, a monthly news magazine distributed to neighborhoods along the Parkway, printed an interview with ARPPS President Michael Rushford in its July 2010 issue, nicely bookending the meeting in Woodlake.

As a policy development organization, our work consists in communicating ideas through available formats, and as this report will show, we have done that. Utilizing daily posting to the Parkway blog, sending open letters to public leaders and editors of local media, having articles published in local media, newsletters and e-letters to membership and community leaders, and the publication of public reports, we hope to enrich public dialogue seeking a comprehensive solution to the problems all agree burden the Parkway; funding, management, and preservation.