Friday, October 15, 2010

California, Bad for Business

According to this article from the Sacramento Business Journal, our fair state’s ranking is falling even lower.

An excerpt.

“California ranks No. 39 on Forbes’s latest annual list of the best states for business, falling by one spot from its 2009 ranking.

“The rankings are based on business costs, labor supply, regulatory environment, economic climate, growth prospects and quality of life. Business costs -- including labor, energy and taxes -- are weighted the most heavily.

“California is ranked 44th best for business costs and 43rd for regulatory environment but 11th for growth prospects, 22nd for quality of life and 28th for economic climate.

“The Golden State’s $1.5 trillion gross state product is by far the nation’s largest. New York with $946 billion, is second; Texas, with $912 billion, is third; and Florida, with $588 billion, is fourth.

“Utah takes the top spot on the Forbes best-for-business list, pushing Virginia down to No. 2.

“The top 10 states on Forbes’ best-for-business list:
* 1. Utah.
* 2. Virginia.
* 3. North Carolina.
* 4. Colorado.
* 5. Washington state.
* 6. Oregon.
* 7. Texas.
* 8. Georgia.
* 9. Nebraska.
* 10. Kansas.