Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Rivers

A humorous look, from the Sacramento Bee, at an all too serious area of neglect in our fair city.

An excerpt.

“I love the Sacramento, and always have. Sometimes, in the evenings, I'll bicycle over to the promenade that runs atop its levee south from Old Sac. Once there, I look over at the Tower Bridge and see beauty. I gaze across at the lights of Raley Field and sense excitement. I peer down at water's edge and behold …

“… concrete.

Lots of concrete. And that's about it. (I'm lying. There are also rocks. Oh, and garbage. Lots of garbage.)

“Why is that? Why is it that Portland can have a river walk that's the talk of river walkdom, and all we have lining the Sacramento are cement blocks, rocks and old socks?...

“Of course, if we couldn't swallow the whole project straight off (if?), we could always start with baby steps. Connecting the bike trails along the American and Sacramento rivers might be a logical beginning. Imagine my shock when I pedaled via Discovery Park into Old Sacramento for the first time only to discover: no more bike trail! Have you ever tried wending your way through Old Sac on a bike while dodging drunks, cars, pedestrians, drunks, horses, trains, drunks, strollers, cobblestones and, oh yeah, drunks?”