Friday, September 16, 2005

Parks Funding Increase

As this story from this morning’s Bee notes, the County is still having serious funding problems, but has been able to increase the parks budget by $450,000.00, which they say will be headed for increased ranger patrols, which is certainly a major need.

We will wait to see how the rangers, if added, are deployed, and hopefully it will be in the Parkway…. and a final note, Sacramento County was rated a C+ (a failing grade in a graduate degree program at most colleges) for government performance by Governing Magazine in 2002, see article here; . Other counties receiving a C+ grade were Alameda and Riverside County.

County is socking it away for future
With big deficits on the horizon, supervisors dash most hopes of department heads for more money
By Phillip Reese -- Bee Staff WriterPublished 2:15 am PDT Friday, September 16, 2005

Anticipating tough years ahead, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved a final budget Thursday night that puts most of roughly $50 million in undesignated funds into reserve.

On top of about $10 million in new spending that the county executive recommended, the board added additional programs with a net cost of slightly more than $1 million.

That leaves about $40 million for savings, not counting $7 million that supervisors added to the reserve a few months ago. And it leaves a lot of county department heads - who had hoped for a bigger slice of the pie - disappointed.

"There is a huge temptation not to build up that revenue, to not look forward," said Supervisor Illa Collin. "To have everyone pull together and understand we have tough times coming, I'm feeling very optimistic."

The money the county put into savings Thursday probably won't stay there long. The county faces a number of challenges next fiscal year.

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