Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rio Americano High School Stadium and the Parkway

The concern about building an athletic stadium at Rio American High School, close to the American River Parkway, has generated some discussion, which this morning’s Bee noted.

The Rio Americano stadium debate: Two factions scrimmage over 'home' football games
By Bill Lindelof -- Bee Staff Writer Published 2:15 am PDT Thursday, September 22, 2005

The San Juan Unified School District board of trustees is expected to decide in late October whether to allow a nonprofit group to improve the football field and other sports facilities at Rio Americano High School.

While most proposed improvements have met with no opposition, the question of whether to expand the school's football field for home games at Rio Americano has drawn opposition.

While the one side wanted to build right away, the other side said wait a minute, you need to study the impact on the Parkway and ARPPS agrees completely.

The idea of twenty foot high scoreboards, announcer's stands with loudspeakers, and several thousand passionate fans, while joy to the souls of those of us who are parents of high school athletes, might not be the best idea next to the Parkway.

It requires more study.

More study needed: Protect the parkway
By Ginni Jeglie, Darrel Lewis, Don Reisner and Warren Sax

The members of Friends and Neighbors of Rio Americano High School support high school sports and the renovation of facilities at the school.

Many of us have expressed a willingness to help fund these improvements with financial contributions. We are concerned, however, about plans to construct a new on-campus football stadium and the resulting environmental impacts to neighborhoods and the American River Parkway.

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