Saturday, December 29, 2007

Downtown’s Year

Some good, some bad, some unchanged.

Bob Shallit: What clicked, and didn't
Hits and misses, 2007
By Bob Shallit -
Published 12:00 am PST Saturday, December 29, 2007

We expected this to be the year of momentous change downtown. Condo towers built. A bus station moved. K Street remade.

Alas, the progress was spotty.

And so were the results of our annual fearless forecast for the 2007 business scene. Looking back, we've added up our hits and misses and assigned a letter grade to each of our predictions.

How did we do? Read on:

Prediction: Sac International gets its first Canadian carrier.

Reality: A good start. In March, Air Canada announced it would start service between the capital and Vancouver, B.C.

Grade: A

Prediction: moves its downtown bus station, clearing the way for development.

Reality: Didn't happen. Will it ever? Certainly, and perhaps soon.

Grade: F

Prediction: John Saca's dream of a high-rise condo at Third and Capitol Mall advances.

Reality: Boy, were we ever wrong. The project's dead.

Grade: F