Monday, February 08, 2010

Dog Parks

It is good news that Rancho Cordova is building a dog park, and it is a reminder that many dog owners still want one somewhere on the Parkway, which is appropriate, if well-designed to protect wildlife and other Parkway users.

The fifth guiding principle of the American River Parkway Preservation Society is:

5. Regarding new Parkway usage, inclusion should be the operating principle rather than exclusion.

Dog owners should not be excluded from consideration of a future where they are able to access a Parkway dog park where they can enjoy the Parkway and their dogs can enjoy running around without a leash.

An excerpt from the Rancho Cordova Post story on the new dog park.

“Three weeks from now, Rancho Cordova could be the proud owner of a brand-new dog park located in Hagan Park.

“Construction crews have broken ground this week to start the process of converting an area of Hagan Park into a dog paradise, and despite the rainy weather, Gone to the Dogs Committee Member Brian Fansler said in an email that the construction manager for the project is estimating work will be completed in three weeks. The dog park will be approximately two acres when completed and will include areas for both large and small dogs.

“A Rancho Cordova dog park has been years in the making, and in October the Cordova Recreation and Park District approved a plan to include one at Hagan Park. Gone to the Dogs has championed the cause of bringing a dog park to the area and has even participated in holding dog-related events in the city, such as Wet ‘n Woofy in 2007 and Winter Woof Fest in December.”