Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Parks Blog

One of the most valuable formats for keeping the public—and your organization—up to date on what is happening with your parks management is the regular blog, and the conservancy we posted on yesterday, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, has an excellent blog, and this recent post about some historic photos that showed up, reveal vividly the great value of regular blogging.

An excerpt.

“One of the fun parts about working at the Parks Conservancy is occasionally stumbling across some cool old photos of the parks while looking for something in your office. When we uncover some buried treasure, we pass it among our co-workers and marvel, “I can’t believe it used to look like that!”

“Yesterday we discovered some wonderful old photos of Schenley Park that had been sent to us by Ms. Jean Chess. She was gracious enough to allow us to use them, so we thought we’d share some with you.

“From the looks of it, these photos are from the 1920s/1930s. The telltale clue is the footbridge in the Panther Hollow Lake photos, which was replaced by one of the signature Works Progress Administration stone bridges in 1939.”