Tuesday, February 16, 2010

K Street Update

Some work on K Street—and in the spirit of hope-springs-eternal—we wish them the very best, as reported by the Sacramento Press.

An excerpt.

“K Street Mall is getting some activity after work began again on a mermaid bar and two other nightlife venues.

“San Francisco nightclub owner George Karpaty originally hoped to open Dive Bar, a dance club named District 30 and a gourmet pizza restaurant, Pizza Rock, near 10th and K streets by late 2009. The $6 million-plus project was delayed at least in part by opposition, including a lawsuit to stop it that was thrown out of court last summer.

“Saying he wanted to move forward, Karpaty declined to discuss the reasons the project on the blighted mall was thrown off schedule. But, he said, he now expects to open all three sites by late summer.

"We had some delays. But we're coming," he said.

“Developers David Taylor and Los Angeles-based CIM Group have begun work on the shell and core of the building they now own at 1016, 1020 and 1022 K St. Crews are working to make the building structurally sound and to repair the roof, said Ellen Warner, a partner at David Taylor Interests.

"K Street still really needs a lot of revitalization," she said. "We think that's important for our community."

"Late last year, the city's Redevelopment Agency transferred ownership of the building, which is divided into three suites, and one next door at 1012 K St. — and the land under both — to Taylor and CIM.

“Fabricators in various studios are now building the giant aquarium that will hold "mermaids" of both genders, as well as other big pieces for Karpaty's new businesses.

"It's going to be far more over-the-top than people think," Karpaty said. "It's going to be insane."