Thursday, April 15, 2010

County Shortfall

The result of the massive cuts being proposed will probably impact the Parkway substantially, as the county seeks ways to get through this period of economic uncertainty.

An excerpt from the story in the Sacramento Bee.

“The impact of the economic crash continues to reverberate in Sacramento County, where officials will announce today that the county is facing a $166.5 million general fund shortfall in the fiscal year starting July 1.

“As a result, county administrators have prepared a list of possible cuts that would delay death investigations by the coroner, reduce the number of cases the District Attorney's Office can prosecute, further reduce the number of Child Protective Services workers overseeing at-risk kids and virtually eliminate sheriff's patrols for the unincorporated area.

“The possible cuts would mean eliminating 670 general fund jobs out of the current 9,057. Many of those positions are filled and don't include possible cuts to the Sheriff's Department, District Attorney's Office or the Assessor's Office. The county laid off almost 750 workers this fiscal year.

“The proposed cuts are far from certain as the real budget maneuvering now begins with departments, advocates and special interest groups wrangling for relief from the Board of Supervisors.”