Wednesday, April 21, 2010

K Street Update #4,150

As reported by the Sacramento Press, it is now bike friendly, so keep a watch out when walking down there.

An excerpt.

“From now on, Doug Koleada will be a law-abiding citizen when he rides his bicycle on the K Street Mall.

“The city of Sacramento has installed new signs on K Street that list rules for bike riding. Cycling can now commence legally on the Mall from Seventh to 13th Streets and in the tunnel between Second and Fourth Streets.

“Koleada was riding his bike near the Westfield Downtown Plaza Wednesday afternoon. He readily admitted to biking on K Street in the evenings; his nighttime rides will now be perfectly legal.

“The Pyramid Alehouse Brewery employee said he knew about the city’s former ban on bicycling on K Street Mall, so he didn’t bike there when police officers were in sight.

“Koleada also didn’t bike when children were walking on the Mall. “If some idiot’s speeding on their bike, it could lead to an ugly accident (with a child),” he said.”