Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Government Innovation

During tough times, as this opinion piece from the Sacramento Bee notes, can result in some innovative ideas that work, and the ideas currently being put forth by the interim county executive certainly resonate with us, especially the idea of contracting with a non-profit organizations to manage the Parkway, mentioned in another post.

An excerpt from the new article.

“I don't know if his ideas will work, but interim executive officer Steve Szalay impressed me last month with the way he approached Sacramento County's $118 million budget deficit.

“Instead of simply proposing cuts, borrowing or other financial moves, Szalay gave county supervisors ideas for providing core services in different ways.

“He said the county "was in great need of reorganization or a fresh look at the way services are provided."

“In other words, his message wasn't just the slash-or-tax choices we've heard in most government budget discussions, at least those held in public.

“Whether or not his specific ideas prevail, Szalay's push to prioritize is becoming a common theme in organizations that want to do more than just survive this tenacious downturn.”