Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Auburn Dam

There were two letters published in the Sacramento Bee recently about the Auburn Dam, one against—with the same old arguments that have been long laid to rest as no longer applicable—and one for.

Our organization supports the Auburn Dam and here is the letter in support.

“Auburn dam resurfaces

“Re "Katrina lessons yet to be learned" (Editorial, Aug 25): The Bee laments that not enough is being done to protect New Orleans from another flood like Katrina that destroyed the city. The editorial states the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency is working for 200-year flood protection in Natomas, and comments "even that may not be enough."

“All involved in local flood protection know we need flood protection from at least a 500-year storm, and that an Auburn dam would provide much of the protection.

“Sacramento is the most poorly protected city in the United States. Further, an Auburn dam would provide additional water storage to protect the Delta, and for local use. Added would be environmentally clean electric power generation, and a new recreational facility on the north and middle forks of the American River.

“Yet the governor and the state's elected congressional delegation seem unwilling to approach the federal government to provide its 50 percent share of the money for the dam. The rest of the cost would be 25 percent from the state, and 25 percent from the local water, power and recreational interests benefiting from its facilities. It's time to begin for our own safety.

– Joe Sullivan
Auburn Dam Council