Monday, August 09, 2010

Housing First

This radical method of helping the chronic homeless is counter intuitive, but it works—it is the strategy we support for Sacramento to use, which we wrote about in an May 12, 2008 article published in the Sacramento Bee posted on our news webpage.

The Los Angeles Times has a four-part series of articles on how it is working in their skid row, perhaps one of the worst in the country.

Perilous reading, but a great series.

The introduction.

“In late 2007, Los Angeles County officials embarked on an ambitious and unconventional approach to chronic homelessness. The 50 people deemed most at risk of dying on the streets of downtown L.A.'s skid row would be handed the keys to apartments, with a minimum of restrictions. They wouldn't have to take psychiatric medications, attend 12-step meetings or even stay sober. The premise was that access to an indoor refuge might stabilize precarious lives. Times reporter Christopher Goffard and photographer Genaro Molina tracked participants in Project 50 over the last two years. This four-part series is the result.”