Saturday, August 28, 2010

Parkway Ranch

An excellent use of a part of the Parkway is the recent addition of Soil Born Farms at the site of the historic American River Ranch.

They also conduct seminars, as reported in the Sacramento Press.

An excerpt.

“A sold-out class of about 15 budding farmers visited the non-profit American River Ranch in Rancho Cordova Saturday and Sunday to learn about small-scale farming. Students paid $150 to attend the two-day, hands-on class, which covered the knowledge needed to plan and run a farm smaller than 20 acres.

“The class, titled “Grow Your Groceries,” served one of the farm’s missions, which is to educate the community about how to use its land. The American River Ranch is the 25-acre headquarters for Soil Born Farms Urban Agriculture and Education Project, who hosted the class along with the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. The students were happy to oblige the farm’s mission as they bombarded the farm’s workers with questions and requests for detailed advice all weekend.

“Getting people excited about growing their own food is a big part of why the farm holds its classes, said Sean Hagan, who taught the class along with Randy Stannard.

“We’re in an area of the country where the land is so fertile, and we’re shipping in something like 98 percent of our food,” Hagan said.”