Friday, January 21, 2011

Parkway Degradation

This is a very important message from Bob Slobe—who was also interviewed by the Sacramento Press—one of the most devoted Parkway advocates in Sacramento, and for whom the ARPPS Slobe Parkway Advocate Award is named after.

“For those that received my previous message below this one (and thanks for your messages of support), I decided to go back today and explore upstream, hoping that somehow I would find some sense in this, that this so-called "safe-ground" movement was organizing things, was making it better than the camp messes of the past. What I found was exactly the opposite. The devastation marches upstream for another mile at least, maybe further. The City and County have lost the Parkway and lost it where it mattered the most, serving the poorest community in the region, North Sacramento. See for yourself.

Photo locations from Monday and today are attached, none of them what you see from the freeway. It also travels along Northgate towards Discovery Park. As a member of a family that once owned and all but donated this land to the County AND kept it clean and free to use for all while we did, it's amazing to me that a tiny office of five people could have done what an army of County employees can't.

“Shame on all involved.

“If any of you thought the Canterbury Inn was bad take a look at the Parkway as of this afternoon today. It's the worst I have ever seen it. Enjoy the photo tour. I have been a tireless advocate for an end to camping and dumping in the Parkway and attended every meeting of the so-called mayor's task force on Homelessness. The "Safe Ground" movement promised us that they would not advocate for or endorse camping north of the river based on our past burden of bearing this all. Guess what? They lied. They have even moved in park benches and wood chips for the tent city, at least 200 at last count. Imagine, a sea of tents, fecal matter, fires burning everywhere, wholesale logging of the trees, open latrines, mountains of trash, porn, used needles and, if possible, worse. The city has even provided them a dumpster which you can view from the freeway. A closer look, which I don't recommend for safety reasons, reveals at least a mile of encampments. I feel as if, as your representative to the Task Force, that I have failed you all. The County has often called the Parkway "A national jewel." Take a look.

“Shame on all involved.

“Bob Slobe”