Saturday, January 15, 2011

Versailles & Gibson Ranch, Addendum

As noted in an earlier post, ARPPS supports the Ose proposal to manage Gibson Ranch as it represents the type of innovative management—by a forprofit—congruent with social enterprise strategies utilized by innovative nonprofits.

Social enterprise—see Wikipedia—is exactly the type of thinking able to bring market-level funding to bear on essentially social goals; which the Ose proposal, at its core, is: revitalizing a valuable community resource which will remain part of the public commons, but benefit from private market strategies.

An extended version of our post has been posted to the Sacramento Press and the original, shorter version is on our website.

Gibson Ranch has set up a website to allow those who support the proposal to sign a petition of support and we urge all those who support this innovative proposal for a major part of our regional parks system to do so.

Remember, if it’s good enough for Versailles, it’s good enough for Gibson Ranch!