Monday, March 14, 2011

Gibson Ranch

Hopefully the ongoing negotiations, reported in yesterday's Sacramento Bee, will not disturb the plans former Congressman Ose has for the Ranch—nor lead to the process called for in today’s Sacramento Bee editorial—either of which would ruin what is an excellent plan.

The Ose group’s work will rejuvenate funding and maintenance, enhance the recreational base, and restore the historical Gibson Ranch Park to the community status the adjacent neighborhoods deserve.

The Open Gibson Ranch petition has, as of 9:00 AM today, 1,122 signatures, and a perusal of the comments reveals the very positive mood of the adjacent neighborhoods to the Ose Proposal.

An excerpt from yesterday's article in the Sacramento Bee.

“Sacramento County officials and developer Doug Ose are struggling to come to an agreement to turn over historic Gibson Ranch to the former congressman as a for-profit enterprise.

“While both sides say they're optimistic they will reach an agreement, the Tuesday due date to bring a proposal to supervisors has been moved to March 22.

“Ose said some county officials need to adopt new thinking about the 350-acre park near Elverta.

“The county's master plan for the park lays out a vision of an early-California working ranch. But critics say Ose has proposed additions, such as a skateboard park (now discarded) and a pet motel, that clash with the county plan.

"Preserving the character of the park, consistent with what was offered prior to (the park's closing) Aug. 1, doesn't work financially," Ose said.

“Sacramento County Regional Parks Director Janet Baker said Ose originally wanted to be able to make additions to the park without approval from supervisors and two other county boards. She said any proposals not included in the park's long-term plan would have to receive such approvals.

“Recently, Ose agreed that any new building at the ranch would have to receive additional approvals, Baker said.

“The need for such approvals was part of an agreement made when the county and Ose started negotiations, said Interim County Administrator Steve Szalay. He said he's not willing to change the requirement.”