Monday, May 16, 2011

Biking in Sacramento, With Style

With a relatively flat terrain surrounded by gently rolling hills, Sacramento is a premier biking town and as this delightful article from the Sacramento Bee notes, it is also becoming rather stylish.

An excerpt.

“Every great movement needs a manifesto, a creed to follow, words to live by. So, too, does it need a charismatic leader, someone for the masses to emulate and admire, a cult of personality around which to orbit.

“In the case of Sacramento Cycle Chic, a loose affiliation of mostly midtown denizens who are dedicated followers of fashion and proponents of two-wheeled transport, the leader came slightly before the manifesto.

“She is Lorena Beightler, an elegant, 40-something midtown habitue originally from Venezuela. She's a landscape designer by profession, bicyclist by choice, fashion maven by predilection and blogger almost by accident.

“Beightler has combined all her loves to produce not just a blog featuring candid shots of fabulously dressed and coiffed bike commuters, but also to host a monthly Sunday ride in which participants are judged by fashion sense, not speed, and the purpose is to slowly take in the wonders of the area.

“She and her adherents view the wearing of clingy Lycra cycling "outfits" - the kind Tour of California riders will don in town Monday - the same way PETA members see the wearing of fur. C'est horrible!

“Like most movements, Sac Cycle Chic started small in early 2008, just Beightler and her camera, until her boyfriend suggested a blog ( The blog begat the rides, which have grown in attendance to several dozen monthly participants - folks donning everything from lederhosen to tuxedos, frilly sundresses to leather and chaps.

“Her influence extends to fashion - she recently hosted a Velo & Vintage fashion show at Hot Italian restaurant - and bicycle advocacy through the unusual means of trying to make biking voguish for fashionistas and hipsters.”