Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Parks Funding

This is a very difficult time for government funding for parks, but it is also a time of opportunity to remove the burden of funding from very limited government sources and move to the much more stable funding from philanthropy, especially for those signature parks best suited to be supported philanthropically.

Government is still to be involved of course, as signature parks, like the American River Parkway, are owned by the public, and a certain minimum-base level of funding should remain in place, but the major funding can come from a philanthropic community that realizes the value of the parks they use and will support them, as they already do elsewhere.

The model we always refer to is New York's Central Park, where the Central Park Conservancy raises 85% of needed funding under contact with the city of New York.

This model is being replicated in other parks around the country, including Pittsburgh.

For details on how we envision it working with the Parkway, visit our strategy page on our website, which provides details.