Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sector Shifting

Nonprofit to private, private to nonprofit, government partnering with nonprofits and forprofits—for example the recent partnership between Sacramento County and Gibson Ranch Park LLC—and combinations of all; what matters is the mission (in Gibson Ranch’s case, keeping the park open and vibrant, which they are accomplishing superbly) and the best way to get it done.

In this case, its all about farming and gardening education, as reported by the Tacoma News Tribune from Bellingham, Washington.

An excerpt.

“EVERSON - Cloud Mountain Farm is going through big changes, but they're not yet visible to passers-by.

“Owners Tom and Cheryl Thornton plan to sell their popular business to a yet-to-be-determined entity that will convert their 20-acre farm into a nonprofit center to provide education and hands-on training to new and experienced farmers and gardeners.

“The couple, who started Cloud Mountain as a commercial orchard in 1978, will continue to work and live at the farm, and Cheryl Thornton will sit on the center's new board of directors.

“They're already well-known for offering workshops and other educational programs, and for experimenting with crops and growing techniques, all while diversifying their farm nestled against the western flank of Sumas Mountain.

"It's a continuation and expansion of what we're already doing," Cheryl Thornton said. "The center brings it full circle."

“The transaction is being handled by Whatcom Community Foundation, which manages numerous funds, including at least two geared to helping local agriculture - the Sustainable Whatcom Fund and the Whatcom Farm Incubator Fund.”