Friday, May 26, 2006

A Busy Week

It has been a very full week.

Learning about the huge salmon kill due to dissolved gas supersaturation caused by the prolonged and high release of water from Folsom and Nimbus Dams into the Lower American River, which has killed 1.2 million salmon just this past month, was a real shocker to begin the week.

That helped us put the finishing touches on our Press Release supporting Auburn Dam which will allow additional control of American River waters during storm and high run-off years that will preclude this type of tragedy, as well as protect the integrity of the Parkway, and provide 500 year flood protection for the Sacramento region.

Also this week we learned that the federal bill providing funds for flood protection, and the Auburn Dam feasibility study is moving through Congress with little opposition.

Finally, we all find this Memorial Day Weekend’s beginning weather just a tad strange as we see this time as the traditional summer beginning with the blazing hot weather, causing a rush to the rivers, we adore.

Enjoy the weekend, regardless of the less-than-summery weather.