Friday, June 06, 2008

Hunger, CC, Water, & Prop 13

One of the crucial arenas in which human ingenuity and technology has played a major role in elevating the fortunes of the poor of the world, is in the development and distribution of more food to feed the hungry, which has come about primarily through what is known as the Green Revolution, and this article by a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate reminds us of that success and the importance of building on it.

In a great reminder of how successful has been the collaboration between the public and private sector in the area of transportation, the big fix on 1-5 is moving along right on schedule under CC’s leadership, even with the troubles that have arisen, as this article notes.

A major project, already approved by the County and city of Rancho Cordova, runs into environmental trouble, and water is the key issue, reminding us once again of how crucial it is to develop additional water supplies for our region and the clearest fix is to build the Auburn Dam.

A recent presentation to the American River Authority—a possible local government support organization—reveals the progress made.

Proposition 13, as this commentary in today’s Bee notes, is a classic—and still very well-regarded—example of the public assuming leadership around an issue that elected public leadership could not, and it remains a wonderful example of why the initiative process is a very good thing.