Thursday, June 12, 2008

Space, Moms, & Policing the Homeless

Aerojet, a Sacramento company, is responsible for some of the recent space-based research being conducted by NASA, through the development of its Delta propulsion systems at its Rancho Cordova location, and that is a very good thing.

This story in today’s Bee, is a wonderful example of the treasured bounties of the American River Parkway, and a reminder of how much it would benefit the Parkway walkers to have a dedicated pedestrian trail for moms walking babies in strollers, the elderly, and all other Parkway pedestrians who would benefit from being able to walk without worrying about speeding cyclists, who would also deeply appreciate having their own separate trail and not have to worry about hitting someone.

Having separate paths is only possible with a new infusion of money, and in today’s government budget climate, especially with the county cutting money from the Parks budget, it is not a current possibility.

However, with the type of plan we have long suggested for the Parkway: create a public/private partnership with a nonprofit organization to manage the Parkway—which could also raise supplemental funding philanthropically—via a contract with a Joint Powers Authority of local government; this is the type of a project that could certainly attract philanthropic funding.

Another story in today’s Bee regards the police officers who have been especially solicitous of the homeless, treating them with the dignity and helpful service they certainly deserve, but in terms of the illegal camping on the Parkway, which has rendered the ability of the adjacent communities of North Sacramento to safely use their area of the Parkway, it is important to remember that public safety is a priority.