Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nuclear, High Tech, Water Meters & Audits

I did not know, nor I suppose did many others, that another major role of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)—aside from its nuclear watchdog role which has led to its prominence as it attempts to control nuclear development in Iran—is the promotion and dissemination of civilian sources of green technology.

This article from the Wall Street Journal fills us in on that work.

The Sacramento Business Journal reports that Sacramento is doing very well in the development of high-tech companies—and jobs—on a nationwide comparison.

Here is an excerpt:

“The Sacramento region created the fifth-most high-tech companies nationwide -- and employees in the industry earn twice as much as other private-sector workers, according to a report released Tuesday…

“The average high-tech employee earns $83,518 per year in the Sacramento region, more than double the $41,368 for other private-sector workers…

“The Sacramento region has 43,700 high-tech jobs at 1,945 companies”

The Sacramento Bee reports that the Sacramento city council vote on water meters has been delayed due to the discovery of some serious problems with the responsible agency, like thousands of missing meters, which were due to be installed in area homes and businesses.

The Bee also notes that water audits are a great idea, and pretty easy to get.