Monday, June 23, 2008

Water Usage, Supply, & the Indian Heritage Center

1) In this Bee Editorial from Sunday, while the mention of conservation is needed, it may also be appropriate to begin noting that there is a possibility of increasing our water supply, as a lot of water falls as rain and snow during wet years in the American & Sacramento River Watersheds, but, at present, we don’t have the capacity to store enough of it to prepare for dry years.

Along with the obvious solution for our area, the building of Auburn Dam, still supported by groups—including us—like the Auburn Dam Council, there is another that would solve the water problems for the larger region and that is the raising of Shasta Dam to its originally engineered height of 200 feet higher than it now is, tripling its water supply, which this 2004 article from the Sacramento Bee describes.

2) While we had hoped the Indian Heritage Center would have been located at their first choice, along the Parkway in the North Sacramento area, site of an ancient village, the site in West Sacramento at the confluence of the two rivers is a wonderful siting, as this Bee editorial notes.