Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California’s Lost Coast

We were privileged guests at the most beautiful wedding celebration we have ever attended over the weekend, and as it was such a wonderful testimony to the magnificent grandeur of the natural beauty of our state, I wanted to share it with you.

Before Sunday the most beautiful wedding we had attended was in a canyon retreat center next to the ocean by Malibu several years ago—which was truly extraordinary— but this wedding in the Lost Coast area of Northern California, has replaced that as the most beautiful and enjoyable wedding celebration we have ever been blessed to experience.

From the exquisite setting, the elegant ceremony with cellist, the terrific company of the other guests, the wonderful food and service, and the absolutely stunning drive from our Bed & Breakfast room in the Victorian community of Ferndale to the wedding site at Mattole Campground along the banks of the Mattole River between Petrolia and Honeydew—surely one of the most enchanting and magnificent drives in the United States—was truly and will surely remain, one of our most treasured experiences.

The National Geographic has a nice map of the area.