Thursday, May 21, 2009

On the Parkway

The annual reminder from the Sacramento Bee that being on the Parkway trail can be dangerous and the rules of the trail need to be understood to give everyone a safer and more enjoyable experience.

We have long advocated that additional trails need to be constructed, (see page 15 in our report on recreation) and here you can see a drawing of a trail design that works for walkers, horses and bikes) it is obvious that pedestrian-dedicated trails need to be separate from the bike-dedicated ones, and the photo accompany the article says it all.

An excerpt.

“It's time again for our spring public service message of dos, don'ts and no-one-could-be-that-dumbs of the American River Parkway.

“Plus, we've got that great photo.

“If you've seen the shot, you know. Best. Bike. Trail. Photo. Ever. If you haven't or are just learning the ways of the trail, it's on Page D6, and it's everything you need to know. Sacramento County's chief ranger, Steve Flannery, would love to post it at parkway entrances and maybe make it into a T-shirt.

“Flannery and the county manage the first 22 miles or so of the parkway, then, roughly at Hazel Avenue and heading east, it becomes the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area and California State Parks territory. With Memorial Day weekend coming, both teams expect every foot of the trail to be busy.

“Which gets back to the larger point: 'Tis the season to get outside, perchance to go for a run, hop on a bike or just take the kids for a stroll. And where you gonna go?

“Probably, the bike trail – officially the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail – one of the longest and, I say, the best urban bike/run/hike/horse/ skate/dog/deer/skunk/ snake/various-other-critter trails in America.

“Which brings up the first and simplest point. Things are what they are out there. It's a mixed-use trail – some people will cycle fast, some will ride slow, there will be large groups of runners and cyclists, and there will be families or folks with dogs. (Also, it's always been called the bike trail, just because, so don't expect any name changes.)

“In short, as Flannery says, everyone is welcome out there – just be a good citizen.”