Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sacramento is A Fit City

The Sacramento Business Journal reports that Sacramento has come in 12th as most fit city in the US, but we dropped a place since last year.

Surely the Parkway plays a role in the fitness of the city.

An excerpt.

"Sacramento ranked No. 12 on a list of fittest and healthiest cities put out by the American College of Sports Medicine.

"San Francisco, Oakland and the East Bay came in at No. 5 and San Jose No. 13 on the list, compiled from data on healthy behavior, exercise, chronic disease, access to parks and numbers of smokers as well as other factors.

"Los Angeles came in No. 30 on the list, which counted the 50 most populous metro areas.

"Last year San Francisco was No. 4, Sacramento No. 11, San Jose No. 13 and Los Angeles No. 28.