Thursday, May 07, 2009

College Square Again

A very nice editorial from the Bee on the wonderful development happening at Sacramento State, which will have great ramifications for the Parkway, as more students and staff wind up living closer to it and able to access it regularly, which will also increase Parkway public safety.

It is also adding yet another enhancement to the surrounding neighborhoods, already great places to live.

An excerpt.

“Leaders at California State University, Sacramento, have set an ambitious goal to transform the university into a residential, destination campus.

“As part of that, they have asked the important question: "Is it possible to create a 'college town' in the middle of a large metropolitan city?"

“The answer is yes – with the right mix of interest and persistence from the university, city and a private developer.

“In fact, with the university's Destination 2010 plan and the city's 2030 General Plan and specific area plans, leaders of both town and gown have committed to the idea of a mini-downtown.

“These plans call for housing and retail centered around the Sacramento State campus and the 65th Street light-rail station. They also include easy pedestrian and bike access.

“And it's all starting to come together. The university is beginning to be a hub in the area, visible from Highway 50.

“For example, at the corner of 65th Street and Folsom Boulevard, you can now see shops and loft apartments for more than 300 students. These are close to the Hornet Tunnel, which brings students under the Union Pacific railroad tracks to campus in a short four-minute walk.”