Thursday, August 27, 2009

ARPPS Letter Published Today

Suburban growth has its place

Re "Urban blueprint evolves" (Page A1, Aug. 24): In this analysis of the future growth patterns in our region, the tendency to dismiss the value of suburban development in favor of urban fill-in is misplaced.

Both are smart growth patterns, smart for different people at different times in their lives, and both growth paths are good for our region. Sprawling suburbs with yards and open space are where most people want to live, especially families with children. Compact inner cities are very desirable for many young people and many retirees, and the charm and beauty of Sacramento is that we have ample room to grow in both areas.

I spent many of my younger years living in the midtown and downtown areas, often without a car, and enjoyed it very much. As I became older, married and had children, the move to the suburbs was a natural, and we plan to remain here for the rest of our lives.

– David H. Lukenbill, Sacramento